What do we have to offer?

Don’t have a clue what SEO is and why you should use it? That’s ok, most don’t. Search engine optimization is preformed on a website to increase it’s ranking in Google. Therefore, pushing more organic traffic to said site and creating more customers through that traffic. When you are able to generate mass organic traffic it reduces the need for paid ads.

These days you won’t find many companies who haven’t created at least one social profile. Not only does social presence help to power your SEO but it helps in branding your company. We specialize in using ads to target your company’s best demographics. We also offer social media content management that can be posted daily, weekly or any variation.

At Pace Media, we aren’t shy about telling people we’ve got style. We keep up with trends and that isn’t exactly what you’re thinking. Sure, we want your site to be the best looking thing online but it has to be what Google wants. Without a format that is “stylish” to Google we will never have a shot at a #1 ranking, increasing your organic traffic and overall sales. That format also includes being mobile friendly because folks are on their phones more than ever, and Google takes note of that. So, before you commit to paying for a site, make sure it will be “Google friendly.”


Logo Design is one of the most over charged and manipulated services in the industry. We provide revisions for minimal charges and send the files your way after your final approval. We have helped many business revise or start from scratch and have always ended with happy clients.