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Pace Media commits to developing the online presence of our clients into the leaders of their respective industry by utilizing top SEO & marketing techniques .

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After completion of our Discovery Form we are able to diagnose your site, preferred keywords and locations. Within 48 hours we will have the information needed to answer those two very important questions.

“Over the years I have been surrounded by intelligent, ambitious, tenacious individuals. However, they all fall short to Hunter who has redefined what it means to live a purpose-driven life. Hunter’s dedication to his own success is only surpassed by his dedication to have his clients succeed.”

Karen Meade, Marketing Manager at New York Life Insurance Company

Increase Traffic

Drive more traffic to your website through proper SEO techniques. Having your website ranked higher in Google creates more traction for your brand.

Multiply Customers

Increasing the number of potential clients who visit your site isn’t just short term. Ranking higher increases the size of your customer base.

Increase Sales

Starting to see it’s a numbers game? By increasing traffic, it grows your customer base which in turn, increases sales. This SEO thing is starting to make sense now!

Outside the box

Pace Media does stay up to date with the latest SEO techniques in the industry. However, we always stay at least one step ahead of the competition by thinking outside of the box.

Guaranteed Results

You read it right. It’s just one more standard that sets us apart from the competition. We make sure you are found and increase your traffic, guaranteed.

No obligation

Yes, really. We go back to our slogan, “When you grow, we grow.” If we aren’t satisfying our clients we don’t receive referrals. We allow you to pay month to month based on our results.

Continued Support

Pace Media is available to assist when marketing questions arise. You will receive a direct line to call in with questions and/or concerns.

Detailed reports

Detailed reports will be given every month for your company to evaluate. Pace Media will outline upcoming tasks to be completed.


Rest assured that you will develop a personal relationship with the Pace Media team when growing your business. Only a call away.

“Looking for an SEO mastermind? Then look no further than Hunter Ballew. He is friendly, trustworthy and a true professional. Somehow he knows exactly what it takes to stay ahead of Google and it’s ever changing algorithms. It’s pure magic! If you’re ready for the next level, contact Hunter. I highly recommend this SEO guru.”

Gay Swordsma, Google Certified. Nationally Recognized SEO Specialist


At Pace Media we pride ourselves in being enthusiastic and efficient in the services we provide. We’ve created a culture of excitement between our clients and our team as we help them expand their business.

Scaling requires Roofing SEO

A roofing business requires carefully planned online marketing campaign so as to reach, effectively, all the potential clients in the target area. Pace Media, an expert in Roofing SEO services appropriate for roofing companies, has everything it takes to optimize your site enabling your roofing business rank top of search engines’ results in your local area. With the introduction of modern technology, all roofers turn to the internet every time they need a repair. Trust Pace Media to use their expertise in the web marketing to manage your SEO thus ensuring you remain ahead of the competition. Below are top 5 reasons Pace Media is the best SEO company for roofers. We do suggest looking into RoofGEN University to improve you Roofing SEO and lead generation strategies.

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1. Experience

Pace Media is not new to roofing SEO. For very many years, it has been helping other roofing companies like yours acquire favorable ranking in the search engines. Consequently, the company only uses tried-and-tested methods to help improve your website traffic. With a clear understanding of the roofing industry, the company has everything necessary to help you identify and adopt working solutions. They understand there are many different variations of searches including “seo roofing” and plan to rank for all. Check out this commercial roofing contractor that started with us in Greenville, South Carolina.

2. Understands who your clients are

Your ideal company knows who your customer is and uses his proficiency to help you attract a large number of potential customers using relatively competitive keywords. Pace Media knows that if you get your ideal customers from its online marketing campaign, you will not only continue with the company but also refer your friends. As such, the company uses long-term strategies intended to help your business grow, thus encouraging repeat business from your roofing company.

3. Give you traffic that converts

Pace Media understands that the conversion of your acquired traffic to leads is as important as getting significant traffic. So, unlike other roofing SEO companies who only target to give you more traffic, the company incorporates tactics to convert visitors to your site into prospective clients before nurturing them till they’re sales-ready.

4. Understands the rules

SEO for roofing contractors is a huge part of your overall marketing plan. Search engines have set forth regulations websites using their services must follow. The rules are becoming better by day at identifying spammers. Aware of the fact the search engines tweak their algorithm from time to time; Pace Media continually appraises its personnel to ensure they always play by the rules in place. Any assistance it gives you to reach the top is, therefore, genuine implying that you’ll remain on top for long. You do not have to worry about your site being penalized by search engines after algorithms change.

5. Ethical

Finding a reliable roofing SEO company that genuinely works on your search engine marketing is not easy. Pace Media sincerely optimize your business by adopting tried and true practices and treat all its customers with respect. The company upholds honesty and integrity at all levels of its engagement with roofing companies. Such principles have enabled this remarkable SEO Company for roofers to deliver on its promises.


Do not fall prey to dishonest companies who promise you magic results only to steal your money. Pace Media understands who your clients are, factor your goals and work with you in its SEO marketing campaign to achieve your goals. The company’s honesty and integrity levels are just outstanding.

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